About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm Sergey, but you can call me Serge. My passion is found in the magic of connection, the beauty of love stories, and the joy of wedding celebrations.

My Journey

Over the past 15 years, I have been incredibly fortunate to document hundreds of weddings. This journey has allowed me to discover something truly special: my motivation is driven by the remarkable couples I meet, their unique love stories, and the trust they place in me to capture their most significant day. The privilege of being part of such joyous moments fuels my commitment to preserving these memories and ensuring they bring happiness and love for decades to come.

Remarkably, my journey doesn’t end with the wedding. Many couples continue to invite me into their lives as their families grow, entrusting me as their family photographer. This ongoing relationship allows me to capture the evolving chapters of their stories, from the first days of marriage to the joys of parenthood, creating a beautiful narrative of love and family.

Life Beyond the Camera

Beyond the lens, my life is enriched with the love and laughter of my family. My incredible wife, Anastasia, and I celebrated our union ten years ago, a day we relive with joy through our photographs. The birth of our daughter was the happiest day of my life, reaffirming my dedication to family and the essence of love that I strive to capture in my work.

I approach life with optimism and a hearty sense of humor, believing that a positive outlook and laughter are essential. My goal is to capture the essence of love and happiness, hoping it resonates with you as you browse through my portfolio.

When I’m not behind the camera, I enjoy music, the arts, soccer, cinema, and travel.

Award-winning Wedding Photographer

My adventure in photography began in 2008. I am incredibly proud of the recognition my photographs have achieved, continually striving to capture even better images with each wedding. Over the last few years, I have won more than 100 international wedding awards. I am also honored to be named one of the Top 50 wedding photographers in the world by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

I would love to get to know what's important to you and see if we're the perfect fit!

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