Don’t take my word for it. See what real clients say about their experience with me.

I am so thrilled to say that on the day of our wedding everything went exactly as we have planned it! And we can look back on this celebration thanks to the amazing shots taken by Sergey. He captured the atmosphere, the overall mood, and every single moment of this wonderful day! Once we have seen Sergey’s works and, later on, met him in person, we had no doubt. We loved his ideas, approach, and all-in-all you can see that he loves what he does. Now when we have received all the photos, we’re happy to realize that we had made the right decision when choosing our wedding photographer! The photos are stunning!

Sergey, thank you for being with us on our big day; for cheering us up and helping with your advice; for taking such beautiful shots that all of our friends and family have fallen in love with; and, most importantly, for managing to convey that love and beauty that were present in the air on the coldest day of summer. We will never get tired of looking at the photos over and over again!

We are wishing you new interesting and inspiring projects and the most loving, beautiful, and stylish couples!

Kate & Nikita

Kate & Nikita’s wedding photos

Sergey is hands down the best photographer that we could have asked for. I was attending a friend’s wedding at the time, and my fiance could not stop raving about how professional Sergey was throughout the entire wedding. He weaved himself seamlessly throughout the wedding, allowing the wedding to continue as planned, but capturing the most intimate moments quietly in the background. When I saw my friend’s photos, I was in awe. I had an engagement session at the time with another photographer, but was not entirely happy with how the photos turned out, as the candid level just appeared too awkward and I found small things that I wish were fixed or advised beforehand. I was asked to do small tasks too during the photos to capture “moments” and felt uncomfortable, as we also don’t take many photos, and it just became complicated. My friend has told me that Sergey is extremely professional and gave them great simple directives that really captured the moments they wanted as discussed, without it being staged or feeling unnatural. Her photos were absolutely beautifully captured, even for her husband who she said dint like taking pictures. The photos captured casualty, candid and professional portrait shots that highlighted their best features and highlights during the day.

Sergey really has a great unique eye for symmetry, angles, lighting, movement… the list can go on. It’s simple to find a photographer that can take great photos, however, what we found with Sergey was his dedication to our wedding (that ended up turning into just a photoshoot during these times). He was amazing in setting up calls prior to each session to make sure we are on the same page, gets really a great clear idea of what we want or is looking for and walks us through each of the way. He always made sure we were comfortable and gave great simple tips to ensure our photos were captured beautifully.

Sergey made this entire process so much easier for us, even when it came to selecting our photos for our wedding album with him, the quality is top-notch (we ordered the Italian leather) and the photos were printed high quality. Our families were extremely satisfied with how the wedding photography session went and the albums they received as part of his package as well. I had another friend who was having a wedding after our photoshoot session, and could not stop praising how great Sergey was in giving us all directives (10+ people) and made the day just flow so seamlessly.

I had imagined the wedding to be a hectic time (which of course it is), however, Sergey was able to guide us through so well that everyone was at such ease during the whole entire process. Sergey is professional, polite, kind, caring and always open to questions (and responds quickly and always on top of our conversations). He really felt like a friend we have gained at the end of this entire process and gave us great tips and options to consider during the planning process.

I would describe his photos as: when everything around you is moving and all is busy, he is able to capture only the both of you, at your best, while you are displaying intimate and small gestures (like looking at each other thinking of this moment, or laughing at how far you both have come) that are like secrets you tell to each other. Leaving you both at your most natural, and encapsulating the beauty of where you both are (the location of your photos) to create a beautiful photo (you will definitely continue looking at long after and can’t stop sharing).

If you want someone who cares about your wedding, your experience, your moments and understands your point of view/ photos you really enjoy. I highly without a doubt recommend Sergey. He is absolutely without a doubt worth it and you will not be disappointed.

Ellen & Darin

Sergey is a very gifted photographer who has a great imagination, use of color grading and created unique compositions. When we got the pictures back, we were extremely happy with the end results and were also very happy to receive more pictures than quoted. The photos were gorgeous and he managed to perfectly capture so many important moments.

Sergey’s direction, along with his wife, made us feel relaxed and never rushed. His response time in emails was quick, he communicated well and was patient. We always felt that he listened to our requests.

Since we planned everything ourselves, Sergey gave us fantastic insight and suggestions for how to make our wedding day timeline run as smoothly as possible. He thought of details we would never have even considered, such as where the sun would be when we said our vows outside.

We feel fortunate to have booked such a high caliber photographer within our budget and cannot praise his work enough.

Eric & Becky

Eric & Becky’s wedding photos

Sergey, I want to thank you once again for such a fairytale-beautiful job!!:)

During the big day, we didn’t have even A SECOND of doubt or regret about our choice of Photographer!!) You made us feel comfortable and it was a lot of fun) THANK YOU for your talent, your ideas, such a caring attitude to your job, for your involvement in the getting ready process, for being able to capture the emotions and the atmosphere of a day that is so special to us…:)

We are wishing you gigantic success, creative accomplishments, and inspiration in the future <3 <3 <3

Lena & Stewart

Lena & Stewart’s wedding photos

Sergey was our wedding photographer and he is an amazing professional! He caught all our and guests’ emotions at the best angles – that is incredible.

We also had a wedding and love story photoshoot in Iceland with him – that required quite much time, but Sergey’s imagination, patience and humor helped us to spend this time delightfully. And the photos are even better than we could imagine.

We definitely recommend Sergey to everyone!

Victoria & Vlad

Victoria & Vlad’s wedding photos

I could not express how thankful we are and how wonderful an experience we had in the whole elopement session with Sergey. Not only he is talented, but we, even more, appreciate the professionalism from the first Facetime meeting till today. Sergey was so helpful and considerate especially given the current COVID-19 situation.

Our photos seized every precious moment and conveyed love. This year was a tough year for everyone, but one day we might look at our photos and share these unforgettable stories with kids and friends.

I guess the only complaint we might have is we cannot decide which photo should be hung up on the wall yet as every photo is AMAZING… lol We were blessed to work with such an awesome photographer and look forward to having another session with him in the future!

Abby & Tony

Sergey, we are incredibly lucky to meet you! No doubt, you are a man of your profession. You do your job and you do it with great love. I distinctly remember the moment when we received the first photos from our wedding. It is difficult to convey those feelings … insanely exciting, and it is very curious because we were waiting for them … the photos were to tears.

We are glad that you were with us. You gave us the opportunity to save all the moments of this day, the day which became the beginning of our family!

Sergey, thank you! It’s not just photos, it’s something more for us. I wish you success and good people!

Dmitry & Oksana

Dmitry & Oksana’s wedding photos

My husband and I hired Sergey as our wedding photographer, and let me just say he brought so much more than his incredible talent to the table. We had the pleasure of spending an extra two days with him before our wedding day, and it is so easy to see that he is unlike any other photographer in that his passion, character, and unique approaches translate into every single photograph.

We just got our full album back a couple of days ago and were not surprised at all that every single picture blew us away. If you are searching for a photographer, whether it be for a wedding, engagement, maternity or any other shoot, do not hesitate for one second. Book Sergey!

Kseniya & Brandon

How do I give Sergey more than 5 stars? He is a dream to work with. He was on time, professional, very nice. He knows exactly what he is doing, gets the job done, and gives quality work. Sergey was perfect from start to finish! Delivered exactly what he promised and then much more.

I and my husband had the best experience with Sergey! We would recommend him to anyone!

Helen & Michael

Sergey is a fabulous photographer!

He took my prewedding photos in New York this year, and we got to know him because we thought he was the best among over 15 photographers’ profiles in New York we have looked into on various social media. Turned out his shots are great and still surprised us. It’s hard to describe, but to put it simply, one of our pictures helped him win a Photography award.

He’s patient and gentle to very amateur models like us haha. He finished modifying the shots within a reasonable time and helped out quickly when we need so.

A couple who live in HK and met Sergey in NY.

Erik & Tiffany

I would like to leave some feedback about working with Sergey. He did an engagement session for us as well as our wedding.

Sergey took a lot of very beautiful photos – there weren’t any pictures that were the same, but only with different effects. It was important for us, as we didn’t want to end up with 3000 photos that you hate looking at because of the endless duplicates. Sergey created the wedding details compositions with impeccable taste. Besides the professional qualities, Sergey is a very pleasant person. He helped us with our timeline, as the wedding day flies extremely fast.

The works of Sergey say a lot about what kind of a photographer he is, but from my side, I just wanted to add that we were very lucky to find such a person to shoot our special day!

Diana & Michael

Diana & Michael’s wedding photos

Wow… just wow! Working with Sergey was an absolute dream! Prior to our session, we had a FaceTime call to get to know him a bit and more importantly; let him get to know us and who we are. Day of the shoot, Sergey was super communicative; directing us to capture the most flattering photos.

We were surprised that nearly every photo was stunning and truly a work of art! Several friends were overwhelmed with emotion and tears as we flipped through the album. We can’t wait for another occasion where we are able to work with Sergey again.

Deanna & Nikolai

Sergey and Nastya, we would like to thank you for the 2 wonderful days that we have spent together and, of course, for the stunning photos! The colors, composition, looks, and overall mood of the photos exceeded all of our expectations! They turned out to be incredibly delicate, sincere, cozy, and they fully reflect our feelings towards each other.

Sergey, you managed to get across the wonderful sensation of happiness and lightness. Every time we look through the photos, we can’t help but smile, again and again! Well, and, of course, it’s impossible not to mention the whole atmosphere of the shoot. Everything was so warm and at ease that all the hours flew by unnoticed. Thank you for your professionalism and the lovely mood for the entire day! 🙂 We didn’t regret choosing you as our photographer even for one moment! Thank you!

Maria & Sergey

Maria & Sergey’s family photos

Without hesitation, I can say that Sergey is a true professional of his craft. Working with him is enjoyable and fun, and the result exceeds expectations. I was lucky to find him online and invite him for the first romantic photoshoot of my boyfriend and me.

We loved the photos so much that we decided to hire him as our wedding photographer last summer as well. I highly recommend Sergey, as he knows exactly how to make you look perfect in the pictures!

Valeria & Fabio

We would like to thank Sergey and Nastia for their exceptional work and fantastic photos full of emotions!

When we planned our wedding and searched for a photographer, it was very important for us to find the right person to reduce the number of things that could go wrong during such an important day. Sergey was just a perfect fit: a professional photographer with a great sense of humor and a generally nice person.

Since our first talk, he continuously helped us with the planning, suggested things we should think about and details to consider for the best wedding photos. Our wedding was planned outdoors near the water. When Sergey and Nastia came to Stockholm we went to the wedding location ahead of time, where we got further suggestions on such things as preferred direction to face, etc. Things one normally doesn’t think about.

And during the wedding day, Sergey and Nastia were with us from the morning until the end of the celebration. We are still remembering Sergey’s encouraging jokes during such an overwhelming day, and even when it seemed that things would not work (for example photos of the groom did not fit in the schedule), Sergey always found and suggested solutions. A photographer able to convince the bride that “everything will be alright” is priceless. Special thanks to Nastia for her help with the dress, hair during the wedding and all the support!

Maria & Stanislav

Our experience with Sergey, from beginning to end, was wonderful. He had exceeded our expectations, not only with the quality of his work, but his diligence, patience, and level of service.

Sergey was punctual, fun, organized and helped us connect with the camera. It did not seem to matter the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening or night), he utilized the lighting to capture aesthetically stunning moments that will last us a lifetime. Every hour was the “golden hour” with Sergey behind the camera.

Anya & Devin

Sergey, thank you one more time for the great photos of our wedding, you are a real pro! We highly recommend you as a photographer to capture important moments of life. There are many especially great catches of cool moments from our wedding and all photos are beautiful. Our guests are happy with the photos as well, everybody got great pictures of themselves. Great scenes and attention to detail on all photos.

And we would mention additionally very good postprocessing of the photos – all photos are (naturally) colorful, light, faces look natural, people skin looks natural and has natural color. The number of photos impresses as well.

Anatoly & Olga

A great photographer who masters his craft masterfully. And in my eyes (I am a photographer myself), especially when it comes to love stories and wedding photos, he is the best and friendliest I could ever meet and get to know. He takes enough time, has a perfect eye around seeing things differently where others can no longer perceive them. I can only praise him in the highest tones. I am very happy to have met him.

Alex & Irina

I don’t have enough words to express how happy we are that Sergey was our wedding photographer. First of all, for us was not just important to get beautiful photos, but also, we want to spend our special day with nice people. Sergey was very professional, calm, and of course very nice. We did all the photos without rush, with not much posing, the whole process was very pleasant and natural so that we could enjoy every moment of our wedding day. And of course, the results of Sergey’s job is even better than we even dream of. Each photo is full of love.

Sergey catches tiny moments that are so precious that it is impossible to look at these photos without tears. We have made the right choice, and we will definitely do it one more time, for our next important day.

Maria & Michael

We would like to thank Sergey for capturing the most important moments of our wedding in such a dreamy way! He appeared to be not only a first-class photographer but also an amazing person. His professionalism is expressed not only through the lovely shots but also through his communication with the couple, which is extremely important on such a big day! He knows not only the best angles and poses for you, but also how to cheer you up and make you feel like there is no camera at all! Due to such an attitude, he is able to create such soulful images!

Thank you for sharing this celebration with us and for leaving such a wonderful memory!!!

Lena & Artem

My husband and I always thought that we are not the photogenic type, that’s why we don’t like to pose and we try to avoid any kind of photoshoots, though we sometimes do take a selfie, however, even that happens rarely. That’s why the wedding day shoot felt like it was going to be one of the biggest challenges. But! Thanks to you, Sergey, we managed to relax and started enjoying the whole process, despite the tiring heat! And the main thing – we were very pleased with the result!

The photos turned out natural and lively! That’s exactly what we love and that’s exactly what we wanted. You were able to capture so many moments and emotions and leave all of that in our memory through your shots! I won’t get tired of thanking you for the hundredth time, such a talented photographer and an amazing person, Sergey Lapkovsky, for the priceless, soulful input to our family photo album! We wish you success and new victories!

Anastasia & Andrew

A huge Thank you to our photographer, Sergey Lapkovsky, for the wonderful photos! Sergey was able to capture the best moments of one of the most important days in our life. We are very happy to work with Sergey. It was something unreal. The whole photoshoot went so nice and easy, as if in one breath. The hours of the shoot went by as one single minute… We really wanted everything to go well, but it turned out that our worries were pointless. Sergey will help you, tell you where to go and where to stand, how to look and how not to look, whether to smile or to be more serious and all that – very naturally. We felt very comfortable working with Sergey and we had a lot of fun. We want to look at the photos over and over again, they fully convey the atmosphere of our celebration. Make no mistake, Sergey is certainly a master of his craft.

Thank you, Sergey, once again. We are so happy that we have met you. We wish you further success. You are such a talent!

Dmitry and Daria