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Plan Your Dream St Patrick’s Cathedral Wedding

How to have an amazing St Patrick’s Cathedral wedding to remember for a lifetime.

St. Patrick's Cathedral exterior, NYCWedding ceremony at the St. Patrick's Cathedral

Updated May 8th, 2024

As one of the world’s top wedding photographers, recognized by both the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) and Fearless Photographers, I have extensive experience shooting weddings at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Explore my portfolio to see the breathtaking weddings I’ve brought to life through my lens.

Imagine your dream wedding at one of NYC’s most iconic venues: St. Patrick’s Cathedral. From childhood, you imagine planning the perfect wedding. You think of the dress, the flowers, the decorations, your first dance, and the vows. One significant part of the wedding is the ceremony venue. If you are one of those who like the wedding to be traditional, yet royal, then there is no better place than St Patrick’s Cathedral. This is one of the dreamiest locations, and the church is absolutely magnanimous. In fact, you should consider yourself lucky if you get a date here.

Wedding at St Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral interior, NYC

There are many reasons why thousands of couples plan to get married at St Patrick’s Cathedral. First, the architecture of the cathedral is purely magical. It is something that represents the tradition and history of the United States. Many couples also call it their fairytale castle because of the humongous 330-ft castle points that look like they are touching the sky. Apart from its incredible architecture, you get a premium wedding service here.

What started as a church is now one of the most elegant wedding venues available in New York City. Photographers prefer to have open spaces for wedding photographs. If there is a St Patrick’s Cathedral wedding, you don’t need to worry about beautiful photographs. I will take some stunning shots that you can frame later. The lawns inside the cathedral are so spacious that we can take both indoor and outdoor shots without any disturbance.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Video-Photo Policy

When selecting a photographer for your big day, it’s important to select someone very familiar with St Patrick’s Cathedral. Taking photos outdoors with the perfect light and without any restrictions is not the same as photographing the wedding ceremony in low-light conditions at the church. Because the Cathedral is a house of worship, the church has instituted policies that outline permitted equipment and where photographers are allowed to stand during your ceremony. I understand that you want all the amazing shots of your dreams while respecting the guidelines.

Here are the things we will worry about so that you don’t have to:

Equipment that is permitted:

• Still photographs
• Battery-operated and hand-held video cameras

Equipment that is NOT permitted:

• Tripods
• Flood lighting
• Cables or wires on the floor
• Use of electrical outlets

Photographer Location Policies:

• Photographers cannot walk down the main aisle, enter the sanctuary of the Main Altar, or go past the first pew of the Lady Chapel.
• Photographers must stand near the gates on the side of the front pews and be guided by the ushers.
• After the bride enters the Cathedral, photographers must stand by the statue of St. Patrick during the entire ceremony—including during Holy Communion. They are permitted to move to the center aisle to photograph the vows, the blessing and exchange of rings, and the recessional but then immediately must return to their position by the statue.

I have shot many weddings at St Patrick’s Cathedral and know how to work there. When you choose me to capture your day, my team and I work with the church to ensure that we get all the best shots while you enjoy the day of your dreams.

Booking the venue

This is where it gets a bit tricky. If you plan a St Patrick’s Cathedral wedding, you should request the cathedral authorities at least a year in advance. The demand is so high that people even book the cathedral two years prior to their wedding day. There is no way you can get a booking if you request a date under one year. Once your request goes through, the cathedral authorities will call you for an interview.

Make sure you come on time. Merely getting an invitation for an interview doesn’t mean you have got the cathedral for your wedding. The authorities will ask a variety of questions. Answer them as honestly as possible. If they figure out you are lying or withholding any information, your request will be rejected immediately. You need to clear the interview to get an official notice for the booking of the venue.

Hotels for Getting Ready Nearby

Once you get the approval of the venue, you should start with your hotel reservations. Some beautiful hotels may also have a high demand throughout the year. Make sure you book early to avoid last-minute harassment.

It is always wise to stay near the Сathedral if you have the ceremony there. One of the great places is the Lotte New York Palace. This hotel will get you in the mood for a St. Patrick’s Cathedral wedding. It overlooks the cathedral in the background. If you manage to get a room on one of the top floors, the view will be magnificent.

I also like the following hotels for taking photos of your getting ready:

Book the hotel for at least one day prior to the wedding day. This will help bring in all the necessary items for the wedding; the wedding gown, makeup, shoes, jewelry, and other things. We can take multiple shots while you are getting dressed. You can also take some photos with your bridesmaids, parents, and close friends.

St Patrick’s Cathedral is very particular about its timings. If you have a wedding ceremony at 2 pm, make sure you reach the cathedral at least by 1.30 pm.

Information about the venue

St. Patrick's Cathedral interior, NYC Bride and groom exchange rings at the altar of the St. Patrick's Cathedral

Official website: St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish House
Address: 14 East 51st Street, New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 753-2261

Capture the enchantment of your St. Patrick’s Cathedral wedding with stunning photographs – reach out to me to discuss how I can create timeless memories for your special day.

Bride and groom celebrating their marriage at St Patrick’s Cathedral

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