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9 Tips for Planning Your Westchester Family Photo Session

Parents playing with their son in the park

I’m a Westchester family photographer based in White Plains, NY. It has been a privilege to capture the love and happiness of families for the past thirteen years. As a husband and father of a two ½-year-old, I understand the importance of a family photo session.

If you have been thinking about it for a while – now is the time to take the first step. Prioritizing your family and bringing them together for a session allows you to capture this special moment in time and create memories that will last a lifetime. The gateway to the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, provides a beautiful outdoor backdrop, including the beautiful Untermyer Gardens to breathtaking views of Bear Mountain.

My Style and Approach

During the photoshoot, I will give you some tips and let you know what to do with your hands, but I also want to make the process fun, relaxed, and natural. The final result is a great mix of portraits, group shots, and candid in-between moments.

I want you to see the genuine interactions between your family members. Each session is different, just like the family I’m shooting, which makes this job enjoyable.

Top 9 Tips for Planning Your Westchester Family Photo Session

  1. With kids, everything can happen

    With families comes children, and no matter the age – things will happen, and you should expect hiccups before or during your session. No matter their age, they are their person and may throw a wrench in your best-prepared plans. Think about their nap schedule, ensure they have a meal or snack, and address any other needs beforehand. Whether your child is shy, your baby requires special attention, or your teenager is having a moment, all of these situations happen to families from time to time. My role as your photographer is to help your session run smoothly, including ensuring your children have a relaxing time.

  2. Plan your outfits

    Matching or not matching – both are fantastic choices- it’s key to keep your stress level at a minimum on the day of your shoot. Consider your choices as the photos will be a part of your family’s history. Instead of trying to set fashion trends, keep your options simple and timeless. With my few simple guidelines, choosing outfits will be easy and stress-free.

  3. Location

    Visualize your photos before the day of your session. I like to shoot outside since Westchester County has beautiful places. We can be in a park, next to the water or in a field. We can also schedule your session at your home. Whatever suits your family the best.

  4. People change

    Your family will change and sometimes even grow, which is great! As your life evolves and babies grow into adults, don’t miss the opportunity to capture these incredible moments. Think about scheduling family sessions and a children’s session once a year. Especially when there are constant changes – becoming taller, growing out their features, changing their styles – planning your sessions out in advance will ensure that you don’t miss these life events and take them off your to-do list.

  5. Who to include?

    Consider who is a part of your “family” and how you should incorporate them into your photo shoot. From everyone you want to include – think about how to work with their schedules and invite them to the shoot, whether it is extended family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandchildren, or friends that impact your life. Plan on sending a few reminders in advance – including the coordination of outfits – so you can start your session on time.

    Pro tip: You may want to bring your pet if the location allows them. If so, bring a friend to help handle the pet when they’re not in the photo.

  6. Time of day matters

    For your photographs, you want the best light possible. With outdoor sessions, think about scheduling in either the early morning light or at sunset. When you select an at-home session, the schedule can be more flexible for the time of day and season. Think about when your children are the best and when they need to nap – this can help improve the mood of your photoshoot.

  7. Have a good time

    My photography style puts you at ease as I want you to have fun and be relaxed. While many families stare at the camera and smile, think about how you can have fun during your session. When you’re enjoying time with each other, it shows in the final product, and I will provide tips and guidance when needed. Having natural, unposed photos can be beautiful as you show your true personalities – especially when you’re snuggling with your little ones.

  8. Choose timeless over trendy

    I strive to get the colors clean and natural when editing your session’s photos. My goal is to present timeless photos you can reflect on for decades and generations!

  9. What if it rains?

    The weather – like life – is sometimes unpredictable in Westchester. If it rains, snows, or trends towards a hot day, we can see that in advance, and it’s better to reschedule. Your photo session should be an excellent experience, which may not happen during a downpour.

Will We Get the Digital Files?

YES! Once the session has wrapped up, your high-resolution files will arrive digitally through an online gallery (no logos or watermarks). All edited photos are similar to what you can view on my website.

Can We Print Our Photos?

Absolutely. You can print the photos from the online gallery (the preferred method) or print them on your own.

Pro tip: Not all print shops are created equal and can change the contrast and colors to look different from the final projects. I spend hours editing photos to make them look specific, and bad printing reverses all my hard work, which is a total bummer.

You and all visitors of your gallery will receive a 50% discount for all products in the gallery store within a couple of weeks after your photos are ready. Having your photos in hand is always the best way to view them.

Family Photography Packages

One immediate family

• 45-min photography coverage
• 40-80 edited digital photos available to download from an online gallery (no logos or watermarks)
• 3-5 weeks turnaround time

Extended family or a few families together (up to 10 people)

• 1-hour photography coverage
• 60-120 edited digital photos available to download from an online gallery (no logos or watermarks)
• 3-5 weeks turnaround time

Fast editing within 1-2 weeks is available for an additional cost.

Family sessions start at $850. Please inquire for a specific quote.

Booking Process

Contact me
to pick a day and time for your family session. I require a signed agreement and a 30% reservation fee to secure the date. The remaining payment is due on the day of your session.

Take the Next Step

If you have put off booking a photo session for your family, take that off your list by booking a session today. As your Westchester family photographer, your family will have signature experiences that I will capture on camera during our time together.

Have your family photographed now – as they are. The photos from your session will play an essential role in your life – they’ll connect you to the past and remind you of how unique your family was at this point.

Are you looking for the best Westchester family photographer? Get in touch, this is going to be fun!

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