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Blooming Hill Farm Wedding (Updated for 2024!)

Everything you need to know about planning a Blooming Hill Farm wedding in Hudson Valley, New York.

Wedding ceremony in front of old Hickory tree at Blooming Hill Farm

Updated March 24th, 2024.

Located less than two hours from Manhattan in New York’s Hudson Valley, Blooming Hill Farm is a picturesque rustic venue available for couples. I was shooting a wedding there, and I liked it. You can find helpful information if you are planning your wedding at Blooming Hill Farm, along with my photos.

Blooming Hill Farm Wedding Venue

bride reading her vows at Blooming Hill Farm

The family-owned farm includes around 100 acres of lush land, as well as three event spaces for you to choose from.

All in all, Blooming Hill Farm accommodates 200 individuals. Have a stunning ceremony under a magnificent oak tree. Hint: you can drape a long piece of gauze over the large branches to create an airy altar. Take memorable photos among the giant trees and gardens, in front of the barn, with charming farm equipment, or even in a small greenhouse. The guests may have an unforgettable farm-to-table experience right in the middle of the field, where beautiful wooden chairs and tables will be set up. The lovebirds can also have their reception under a white triple-peaked tent decorated with string lights.

There is an in-house florist and decorator that can take care of the floral arrangements. As night falls, everyone can gather around the fire pit and make some s’mores.

The most common questions about Blooming Hill Farm couples ask

I asked Kevin Bresnan, General Manager at Blooming Hill Farm, the most popular questions that can help brides find important information about the venue:

When did the venue start to hold weddings?

We began as just a farm beginning in the late 1980’s by Guy Jones. There has been casual dining here for about 18 years, beginning with Guy’s farm dinners. His sons, Austin & Travis, took over the dining side about six years ago and began to do weddings. The restaurant was built about three years ago.

What are the distinguishing features of Blooming Hill Farm?

I think that because we offer a full-service place, catering, beverages, tables, chairs, linens, glassware, silver, and wedding planning. That really makes the whole process a lot simpler than it becomes sometimes. Also, I think that we’re a functioning farm using our products and that the food is a big highlight because that draws many people in.

bride and groom walking during their wedding session

What is the most popular question that couples commonly ask you?

A lot of couples ask us if we have any indoor facilities, and the answer is we have two spaces; the Barn and the restaurant. For weddings that require a tent, these are typically used for cocktail hour. For weddings with under 85 guests, you can play around more with where the cocktail hour is and where the dinner is served.

How many weddings does the venue have a day?

Blooming Hill Farm only has one wedding a day but often will have two a weekend.

How many people can be accommodated for an event?

Up to 85 guests without the rental of a tent and up to 200 with a tent rental.

Can the ceremony be organized at Blooming Hill Farm’s wedding?

Yes! The venue has a ceremony space set in front of a beautiful old Hickory tree.

Do you provide your caterers or can a couple choose and invite their own?

That is the only stipulation is that we have to be the sole caterers for Blooming Hill Farm weddings.

What is your alcohol policy?

We have to provide all of the alcohol for our events.

Outside reception

What about decorations? Can the wedding couple decorate the event place as they wish?

Yes! Typically they give us the direction for the decor beforehand, and then we set it all up for them the day of the event.

If the ceremony or reception is outdoors, do you have any backup plan in case of rain?

For parties under 85 guests, we are able to host the ceremony in our Barn, and the dinner can be in our restaurant building. For parties that are renting a tent, they will be under their tent for the reception, but we rent a second tent for the ceremony in case it rains.


Are the couples allowed to invite their DJ or music band?

Yes, they aren’t required to only use the vendors on our vendor list. They are welcome to bring any vendors they would like.

How much does a wedding at Blooming Hill Farm cost?

Blooming Hill Farm has a venue fee of 12,000$ for the rental of the space and all of our tables, chairs, etc. After that, everything is priced out per guest based on your food and beverage package.

How far in advance do couples need to reserve the date with you?

More and more couples are booking just over a year in advance.

Until what time do you allow weddings to stay and play music?

We have a noise ordinance, so we have to end our weddings at 10 pm.

Does Blooming Hill Farm have any accommodations to stay at night?

The venue doesn’t have on-site accommodations, but there are many hotels, bed & breakfasts, as well as AirBnB’s close to us!

What other wedding services can you offer?

We have often made favors for our wedding guests, whether it be a seasonal pickle jar, fruit compote, or small potted herbs.

Sparklers exit

Contact Information

Official website: Blooming Hill Farm
Address: 1251 NY-208, Monroe, NY 10950
Phone: (845) 782-7310

If you are looking for a beautiful wedding venue in Hudson Valley, be sure to pay attention to this farm.

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